Polish Weekend

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EMS0120120225Lucie Skeaping presents the first of two programmes this weekend, looking at the "Golden Age" of Polish music. The programme includes sacred works and lute miniatures by composers including Bartolomej Pekiel, Franciszek Lilius, Mikolaj Zielinski & Wojciech Dlugoraj as well as music by some of the Italian masters brought to Poland in the 17th Century by King Sigismond Augustus II.|In tomorrow's programme, there are highlights from a concert given at the 2011 Lufthansa Festival by Retrospect and Matthew Halls, with contributions from Polish expert Adrian Thomas.|Lucie Skeaping explores Polish music, introducing Pekiel, Lilius, Zielinski and Dlugoraj.
EMS02 LAST20120226The "Polish Baroque" - Lucie Skeaping, aided by Polish music expert Adrian Thomas, explore a rich vein of 17th and early 18th Century vocal and instrumental music from Poland, as performed by the group Retrospect directed by Matthew Halls.|In the second of two programmes exploring early music from Poland, Lucie reflects on highlights from a concert given by Retrospect recorded at last year's Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music, which featured music by Mikolaj Zieleński, Adam Jarzębski, Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki, Stanisław Sylwester Szarsyński and Damian Stachowicz.|Lucie Skeaping explores 17th and early 18th century Polish vocal and instrumental music.