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Programme Catalogue - Details: Reaching For The Sky19960108First broadcast on 1994-11-17|Producer: T. NEALE|Next in series: LIFE FOR DANIEL|Previous in series: PUBLIC ORDER|Description|The year is 1956 - the time of the Suez Crisis. In a small East Anglia town, two 14-year-old boys build model aeroplanes and dream of flying with the RAF, but a tragedy is about to unfold. Written by Dave DIXON.|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|17 Nov 1994 14:02-15:00 (RADIO 4)|08 Jan 1996 14:02-15:00 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|Ian Masters (Actor)|Richard Pearce (Actor)|David Holt (Actor)|Elizabeth Proud (Actor)|Don Mccorkindale (Actor)|Peter Tuddenham (Actor)|George Parsons (Actor)|David Jarvis (Actor)|Paul Panting (Actor)|Peter Yapp (Actor)|Tom Bevan (Actor)|Kristin Milward (Actor)|Sean Harris (Actor)|Richard Kill (Actor)|Dave Dixon (Author)|Tracey Neale (Producer)|Recorded on 1994-07-24.