Place To Pray, A

Geeta Guru-Murthy looks at how people use different places for prayer.

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0101Message In A Bottle20030804Geeta Guru-Murthy looks at how people use different places for prayer.A Derby-based Moslem company has set aside a corner of the offices for prayer.
0102Milton Keynes Peace Pagoda20030811
0103Tides Of Faith20030818Exploring how places are used by people with different takes on their faith, this week Geeta Guru-Murthy meets the priest and flock of St Mellitus Roman Catholic Church. Formerly a new Court Congregational Church, the Irish Catholics who flooded it in the sixties have been replaced by Congolese, Eboe CHRISTIANs and the odd humanist.
0104Tranquillity20030825Geeta Guru-Murthy meets the Bahai Community of Belfast for A Place to Pray. The Bahai take the idea of interfaith discussion to the nth degree as they welcome people and prayers from all corners of the religious world to their evening of tranquillity and devotion.
0105 LASTPilgrimage20030901In the last in the series, Geeta Guru-Murthy joins 21st century pilgrims to GLASTONBURY in Somerset for A Place to Pray.|GLASTONBURY is considered by many to be the 'cradle of CHRISTIANity' in Britain although in recent years it has taken on the aura of a New Age Town where myth and magic attract a 'pick 'n' mix' of spiritual beliefs.