Place For Us, A

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20121116Last year in Britain there were 1277 applications from unaccompanied children seeking refugee status. We follow three young people as they adapt to life without their families.|Fleeing war and persecution, teenagers arrive on their own shocked and bewildered: "I was 17 when I left my country. I remember that. It was very sad when I came. They put me in a house in Barking. For the first three weeks, it was a very difficult time for me because I was there by myself. I was very scared."|The young people in this programme have found their way to DOST, the Centre for Young Refugees and Migrants in east London. It gives them support, practical advice and the opportunity to socialize with others in the same situation.|Dembo from Guinea, West Africa, Hassan from Iraq, and Faryad from Afghanistan offer us a picture of life in Britain: "When I came I couldn't speak English, I didn't have a friend, didn't know where to go, I had no future, but now, I feel this is like my place and this is my life now. I feel like this is my country. One day I'd love to bring my Mum to the UK and show her where I live, how I spend my life here, show her my best places I've been, and the places I love in London. I will take her to the river and sit with her."|A moving exploration of community and diversity in multicultural Britain.|Music by Mansour Izadpanah.|Produced by Emma-Louise Williams and Kim Normanton.|A Loftus production for BBC Radio 4.