The Pits

Anarchic comedy set in the world of classical musicians from the Sony Award winning creators of Think the Unthinkable.



Struggling musicians are finding that high art doesn't pay. Baz, Maggie and Alec's jobs in the British Opera Company are under threat from cut price Eastern Europeans who are not only skilled performers, but qualified plumbers and plasterers. Rosie is discovering that life outside music college is harder than she expected.


Alec's attempts to create ground-breaking classical music have little success, apart from scaring dogs. Rosie is still unable to get work as a cellist. Meanwhile, a famous soap star is having problem hitting the high notes in a new musical, so Maggie swallows her pride to fill in the difficult bits.


At last Rosie has landed a well-payed job in a female quartet, called the Four Seasons.

The only problem is that Vince Allen, show biz promoter, seems more interested in what the girls look like in bikinis than how well they play.

Baz lands a gig in Murgistan for Traxos, the budget classical CD maker.

His plan to make money on the side from cheap cigarettes goes badly astray following linguistic misunderstanding.


The Silbury music festival is a perfect opportunity to bring opera to the masses, so long as you don't say the wrong thing. Unfortunately Maggie has a natural gift for speaking out of turn. Meanwhile Baz is trying to make money selling deodorants to festival goers and Rosie makes friends with the lead singer of a rock group.


Events start to take a surprising turn when Maggie is cast in a new production of La Boheme. Alec believes that he's found true love, and Baz tries to win back the love of his life.

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CHRISTMAS means hideous themed concerts, avoiding CHRISTMAS with the family and - most importantly - avoiding spending time in the pub with Phil. How will our struggling musicians survive?