Pioneers, Oh Pioneers

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Programme Catalogue - Details: 14 September 199519950914Producer: C. GROVE|Next in series: SOUND ARCHIVE|Description|Nigel GEARING's play is based on a short story by Jean RHYS. In Dominica, at the turn of the century, the newly arrived Mr Ramage shies away from the British community.|Subject Categories|historical drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|14 Sep 1995 14:02-15:00 (RADIO 4)|05 Aug 1996 14:02-15:00 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|Geoffrey Whitehead (Actor)|Becky Hindley (Actor)|Judith Jacob (Actor)|Trish Cooke (Actor)|Jilly Bond (Actor)|John Evitts (Actor)|Eddie Nestor (Actor)|Richard O'Sullivan (Actor)|Linda Regan (Actor)|Ciara Janson (Actor)|Mark Anstee (Actor)|Jean Lender (Actor)|Gregory Francis (Actor)|Gavin Nestor (Actor)|Katy Crawford-Caston (Actor)|Jean Rhys (Author)|Nigel Gearing (Author)|Michelle Frederick (Producer)|Recorded on 1995-07-12.