Pillow Book, The



The death of the lord chancellor threatens the security of Shonagon's position at court.

Lady Shonagon and Lieutenant Yukinari return for a new series of the popular mystery, The Pillow Book, set in 10th Century Japan.

Shonagon and Yukinari find themselves finally alone in a small house in the country. Their solitude is interrupted by the death of the Empress's father - a man who alone protects the Empress's position at court. And, if the position of the Empress is at risk, so too is the safety and security of Lady Shonagon herself.

The Pillow Book is inspired by the writings of Sei Shonagon, a poet and lady-in-waiting to the Empress of the 10th Century Japanese court.

Written by Robert Forrest.

Directed by Lu Kemp.

A BBC Scotland Production for Radio 4.