Pickle King, The

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The Pickle King20050321By Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis.|An East meets West tale of love and hope set in the faded glory of the New Zealand Empire Hotel, exploring the universal themes of love, death and what is worth preserving.|Jojo, the bellboy, is in fact a heart surgeon but, as a recent arrival from INDIA, lives in a broom cupboard.|Ammachy runs the hotel with an iron fist and has one big problem: her niece Sasha will not get married.|Sasha knows she must not marry because she is cursed ? everything she loves dies.|And then one night Mr G Reaper checks into the Hotel and everything changes?|Sasha....Mina Anwar|Jojo....Paul Bhattacharjee|Ammachy....Leena Dhingra|George Reaper....David Fleeshman|Directed by Katherine Beacon