Piccard In Space



Presented by Martin Handley

Piccard in Space - the world premiere of WIll Gregory's spectacular balloon operatic adventure.

Will Gregory's debut opera, written to a libretto by Hattie Naylor, is a classic adventure about the brilliant physicist, Auguste Piccard.

On a mission to prove Einstein's Theory of Relativity, he takes to the skies with his assistant in an airtight capsule.

Travelling to a record-breaking 51,000 feet, they survive being roasted by the sun, toxic balls of mercury and crashing into the Alps.

Clearly not a blackboard and chalk type of scientist, Piccard became world front-page news in 1931 and the inspiration for Hergé's cartoon character Professor Calculus in The Adventures of Tintin series.

Piccard in Space: out of this stratosphere!

Auguste Piccard: Andrew Shorer

Paul Kipfe: Robin Tritschler

Einstein:Leigh Melrose

Newton: Nicholas Clapton

Madame Kipfer: Mary Plazas

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

Kipfer's Cosmic Choir

BBC Concert Orchestra

Conductor Charles Hazlewood.

Charles Hazlewood conducts the BBC CO and soloists in Will Gregory's Piccard in Space.