By Matthew Hurt.

On holiday in South Africa, British friends Tom and Pete encounter a local woman, Phumzile, when she helps Pete tackle a mugger.

As Phumzile and Pete subsequently grow closer, she reveals that she is HIV positive and Pete helps her to get treatment in Britain.

However, Tom suspects that his friend is being taken advantage of.

Phumzile....Nadine Marshall

  • emilia....Syan Blake
  • harry....Matt Addis.

  • harry....Matt Addis.

    a british man meets and tries to help an hiv positive south african woman

  • pete....Stephen Hogan
  • tom....nathan stewart-jarrett

    phumzile....Nadine Marshall

    tom and pete are on holiday in south africa.

    when a mugger tries to snatch pete's phone a local woman intervenes, but when she asks him for money tom is suspicious.

    pete...stephen hogan

    tom...nathan stewart-jarrett

    emilia...syan blake

    harry...matt addis

    directed by claire grove

    exploring the complicated relationships we have with poverty.

    what should our personal response be to the suffering of others? and how do we deal with approaches from individuals?

    matthew hurt (writer) is south african.

    his plays include 'believe' with linda marlowe at the traverse theatre and 'singing, dancing, acting' with simon callow at the soho theatre.

    he won the peggy ramsay bursary to develop a stage play the time step premiered at the traverse theatre in 2009.

    in south africa, pete is mugged for his phone - a local woman intervenes