People's Princess, The [drama]

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By Shelagh Stephenson.

Facing financial ruin, George, Prince of Wales was obliged to marry his first cousin Princess Caroline of Brunswick.

But if he had been expecting a docile partner with whom he could maintain appearances, George had seriously underestimated his wife-to-be.

George IV....Alex Jennings

  • caroline of brunswick....Rebecca Saire
  • henry brougham....julian rhind tutt
  • lord liverpool....richard howard
  • lord sidmouth....chris mchallem
  • sir robert gifford....Mark Lambert

    george iv - Alex Jennings

    caroline of brunswick - Rebecca Saire

    henry brougham - julian rhind tutt

    lord sidmouth - chris mchallem

    lord liverpool - richard howard

    sir robert gifford - Mark Lambert

    lady jersey - Jill Cardo

    mr majoucci - nial cusack

    directed by Eoin O'callaghan.

    facing financial ruin, george, prince of wales was obliged to marry his cousin caroline