People's Passion, Tuesday, The

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AD02The People's Passion, Tuesday: Betrayal20120403BBC Radio 4's major series for Holy Week looks at life in our cathedrals now.|Cathedrals still dominate our city centres: once symbols of temporal power, of technological wonder, a vital part of our musical health, and more recently the focus of protest and appeals to a new morality - what do they mean to us now?|A week of original dramas set in a fictional cathedral, and daily features from real ones, explore how our great cathedrals offer an image of the contradictions of faith in twenty-first century Britain.|The People's Passion Mass and Easter Anthem, composed specially for the series by Sasha Johnson Manning, with lyrics written by the poet Michael Symmons Roberts, not only features in the programmes, but has been made freely available by the BBC, and will be sung by over a hundred and forty choirs around Britain and across the world, as we move towards Easter Day.|The People's Passion Mass and Anthem will be broadcast in full on Easter Sunday, as part of Sunday Worship for Easter Day, from Manchester Cathedral.|2/5: Tuesday: Betrayal|by Nick Warburton|Callum has no job and nothing to fill his days, but he loves to sing in the Cathedral's Voluntary choir. With the choir, he is rehearsing the newly commissioned Easter Anthem, to perform on Good Friday. Who would dream of stopping him? But temptation can whisper in all sorts of ears...|The Old Man....David Bradley|Robert....James Fleet|Callum....Harry Livingstone|Sonia....Rina Mahoney|Paul....Jim Norton|Clive....Don Gilet|Graham....Kim Wall|Produced and Directed by Jonquil Panting|Original music by Sasha Johnson Manning, with lyrics by Michael Symmons Roberts.|Performed by:|Manchester Chamber Choir, directed by Christopher Stokes, with Jeffrey Makinson (organ), Rob Shorter (tenor), Rebecca Whettam (cello), Jahan Hunter (trumpet) and Holly Marland (recorder).|BBC Singers with Eleanor Gregory (soprano), Margaret Cameron (alto), Chris Bowen (tenor), Stephen Charlesworth (bass) and Andrew Earis (piano).|Andrew Kirk (organ), and the choir of Saint Mary Redcliffe, Bristol.|More People's Passion:|Tuesday 3rd April at 1345: MUSIC AND MAJESTY: Leading choral conductor David Hill, and senior politician Lord Wallace of Saltaire (once a choirboy at the Coronation) explore the history and the future of the cathedral choir at Westminster Cathedral.|Wednesday 4th April at 1345: ART AND ARCHITECTURE: novelist Salley Vickers and architect Ptolemy Dean discover the timeless beauty of Salisbury Cathedral.|Wednesday 4th April at 1415: AFTERNOON DRAMA: WEDNESDAY: LAST SUPPER.|Callum loves to sing in the cathedral's voluntary choir. Who would dream of stopping him?