The People's Passion


01Cathedral Conversation - Ceremony And Society20120402

Ceremony and Society: Rev. Giles Fraser, the former Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral, and David Rennie, Political Editor of The Economist discuss the past and present importance of St Paul's in the life of the nation. Wren's masterpiece rose like a phoenix from the ashes of the Great Fire of London. It inspired the city's will to resist the Blitz and it celebrated the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Now it has lost its dominance of the London skyline to the skyscraper temples of Mammon and has been besieged by the protesters of the 'Occupy' movement. Producer, Peter Everett.

The Rev Giles Fraser and David Rennie discuss the importance of St Paul's Cathedral.

02Cathedral Conversation - Music And Majesty20120403

Music and Majesty: Lord Wallace and David Hill visit Westminster Cathedral to discuss the history and the future of the cathedral choir. Baron Wallace of Saltaire (formerly William Wallace), a senior Liberal Democrat politician, has been involved with choral music all his life; as an 11-year-old he sang at the Coronation. Today he is trustee of the National Children's Choir and also runs a charity - Voces Cantabiles - which aims to help young singers. David Hill is a choral director who has worked with some of Britain's finest choirs, including those of St John's Cambridge, Winchester Cathedral and Westminster Cathedral.

Producer, Peter Everett.

Lord Wallace and David Hill visit Westminster Cathedral and talk about choirs.

03Cathedral Conversation - Art And Architecture20120404

Art and Architecture: novelist Salley Vickers and architect Ptolemy Dean discuss the timeless beauty of Salisbury Cathedral. Salley has written about cathedral art in several of her books. Ptolemy advises on restoration works for cathedrals including Salisbury. Together they take a tour that begins in the roof-space ('like a Wiltshire barn') and ends in the Chapter House with its famous carved scenes from the Bible.

Producer, Peter Everett.

Novelist Salley Vickers and architect Ptolemy Dean discuss Salisbury Cathedral.

04Cathedral Conversation - Heroes And Heritage20120405

Heroes and Heritage: Loyd Grossman, Chairman of The Churches Conservation Trust and Baroness Sherlock visit Durham Cathedral to discuss its history and its present importance. In 2001 Radio 4 listeners voted Durham Cathedral the best building in Britain. Sir Walter Scott called it "Half church of God, half castle 'gainst the Scot." The cathedral was founded in AD 1093 and built to hold the shrine of St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne. It has always been a place of pilgrimage and today receives 600,000 visitors a year. Producer, Peter Everett.

Loyd Grossman and Baroness Sherlock visit Durham Cathedral.

05 LASTCathedral Conversation - Belief And Belonging20120406

Belief and Belonging: the philosopher John Gray visits Canterbury to discuss the cathedral and its meaning with the Archbishop, Dr Rowan Williams. What is the role and place of the cathedral in modern Britain. What is it about this unique sacred space that has the capacity to appeal to people of faith and, more particularly, those of no faith who may come for the music, the anonymity, the history or the ritual or a combination of all of these. Although John is an atheist, they find much in common when they consider the importance of this ancient building as a place of myth and mystery.

Producer, Peter Everett.

John Gray discusses Canterbury Cathedral with the archbishop, Dr Rowan Williams