The People's Palace



Michael Rosen meets 83-year old twin sisters, Joyce and Eileen Cheek, and hears their memories of the world's first theme park.

The Crystal Palace moved from Hyde Park to Sydenham, south east LONDON, 150 years ago.

It brought jobs, houses, a new railway line and, above all, a centre for entertainment, education and sport.

Three generations of Cheeks worked at the Palace, and when it burned down in November 1936, it changed their lives forever.


Ivan Hewett traces the story of the Royal Festival Hall, from the laying of the foundation stone by Clement Attlee in 1949, through the upheavals of the 1980s - when the Hall was in the front line of the GLC's mission to bring art to the people - to the innovative Meltdown festivals introduced during the 1990s.

With contributions from the building's original ARCHITECTs - Sir Leslie Martin and Peter Moro - managers past and present, Tony Banks MP, and musicians including Jack Brymer, Kurt Masur, Janet Baker and Ravi Shankar