People Don't Do Such Things



It is 1979 and hapless accountant Arthur (a winning Reece Shearsmith) and his wife Gwen (Laura Pyper) have made a new friend.

Flashy novelist Reeve (Michael Maloney) is everything they're not - carefree, charismatic and seemingly irresistible. At first, his friendship seems to offer an enticing window into a world beyond their cloistered suburban existence, but it doesn't take long for the relationship to slip into rather more sinister territory. With unfussy performances and a rumbling documentary-style soundscape, the grimness of late-70s suburbia is palpable throughout.

From the moment colossal egotist Reeve arrives on the scene, it's clear that Arthur and Gwen don't stand a chance, and it's this festering inevitability, lurking in awkward pauses and fidgety middle-class tics, that gives this play its most haunting moments.

Dramatised by Mike Walker from a short story by Ruth Rendell.


Arthur....Reece Shearsmith

Gwen....Laura Pyper

Reeve....Michael Maloney

Other parts are played by Rachel Atkins and David Holt

Sound Design: Steve Bond

Directed by John Dryden

A Goldhawk Production for BBC Radio 4.