Penny Dreadfuls Present, The

Comedy stories about the lives of different high-achieving and eccentric members of the aristocratic Victorian Faversham family.

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0101Horatius Faversham2008011120080112
20080907 (BBC7)
20080908 (BBC7)
20090830 (BBC7)
20090906 (BBC7)
20090907 (BBC7)
20100620 (BBC7)
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20110411 (BBC7)
Comedy stories about the lives of different high-achieving and eccentric members of the aristocratic Victorian Faversham family.The tale of Victorian Britain's most decorated soldier.|Swashbuckling family romp starring the comedy trio.|From January 2008.|The story of Horatius, Victorian Britain's most decorated soldier and first born of the Faversham brothers.|b00mj3g6
0102Theseus Faversham2008011820080119
20080914 (BBC7)
20080915 (BBC7)
20090906 (BBC7)
20100627 (BBC7)
20110415 (BBC7)
20110416 (BBC7)
Swashbuckling family romp with the comedy trio.|The story of Theseus, Victorian Britain's most respected detective and the second born of the Faversham Brothers.
0103Leonidas Faversham2008012520080126
20080921 (BBC7)
20080922 (BBC7)
20090913 (BBC7)
20100704 (BBC7)
20110422 (BBC7)
20110423 (BBC7)
20110424 (BBC7)
20110425 (BBC7)
The story of Leonidas, Victorian Britain's most reckless living explorer and the third born of the Faversham Brothers.|The story of Victorian Britain's most reckless living explorer.|The comedy trio's swashbuckling family romp.
0104 LASTAugustus Faversham2008020120080202
20080928 (BBC7)
20080929 (BBC7)
20090920 (BBC7)
20090927 (BBC7)
20090928 (BBC7)
20100711 (BBC7)
20110429 (BBC7)
20110430 (BBC7)
The story of Augustus, Victorian Britain's most celebrated magician and the fourth born of the Faversham Brothers.
0201Titus Faversham2008100520081006
20090927 (BBC7)
20091004 (BBC7)
20091005 (BBC7)
20100718 (BBC7)
20110628 (BBC7)
20081211 (R4)
The story of Victorian Britain's greatest sporting hero.|The comedy trio's swashbuckling family romp.|With Miles Jupp.|The comedy trio's family romp.|The story of Titus Faversham, Victorian Britain's greatest sporting hero.
0202Maximillian Faversham2008101220081013
20091004 (BBC7)
20100725 (BBC7)
20110705 (BBC7)
The story of Victorian Britain's greatest horror writer.|The comedy trio's swashbuckling family romp.|With Miles Jupp.|The story of Maximillian Faversham, Victorian Britain's greatest horror writer.|[BBC7 BD=20081218]|From October 2008.
0203Marcus Faversham2008101920081020
20081225 (BBC7)
20091011 (BBC7)
20100801 (BBC7)
20110712 (BBC7)
The story of Marcus Faversham, Victorian Britain's greatest actor.|The story of Victorian Britain's greatest actor.|The comedy trio's swashbuckling family romp.|With Miles Jupp.|The comedy trio's swashbuckling romp.
0204 LASTPerceus And Lucius Faversham2008102620081027
20091018 (BBC7)
20091025 (BBC7)
20091026 (BBC7)
20100808 (BBC7)
20110719 (BBC7)
20090101 (R4)
The twin story of Victorian Britain's greatest industrialists.|The comedy trio's swashbuckling family romp.|With Miles Jupp.|The story of twins Perceus and Lucius Faversham, Victorian Britain's greatest industrialists.|b00nhq5j|The comedy trio's swashbuckling tale of Victorian Britain's great twin industrialists Perceus and Lucius.|Episode 4 of 4.
APGuy Fawkes20091105What exactly is it that we're asked to remember on the 5th of November? As the nation prepares for Bonfire Night; highly acclaimed comedy trio, The Penny Dreadfuls, take a fresh and timely look at a familiar story with a comedic, stirring and sometimes graphic exploration of the build-up to and aftermath of the Gunpowder Plot for The Afternoon Play.|Recorded in front of an audience at the Radio Theatre in London, there's plenty of laughs in places where you least expect them – from the boisterously optimistic meetings of the conspirators through to Fawke's internment in the Tower of London.|Starring Kevin Eldon as Guy, The Penny Dreadfuls will also be joined on stage by Miles Jupp and Andrew Pugsley.|The Penny Dreadfuls are David Reed, Humphrey Ker and Thom Tuck.|The Penny Dreadfuls have previously written and performed two series of the Victorian themed Brothers Faversham for Radio 7 have just finished their fourth highly successful year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.|Guy Fawkes....Kevin Eldon|Thomas Percy....Miles Jupp|John Wright....David Reed|Robert Catesby....Thom Tuck|Thomas Winter....Andrew Pugsley|Sir William Waad....Humphrey Ker.|Comedy trio The Penny Dreadfuls tell the story of the Gunpowder Plot.
SPRevolution20110709The French Revolution was one of the most far-reaching social and political upheavals in modern history spanning 10 years and involving the execution of the King, collapse of monarchy and slaughter of thousands at the guillotine.|Starring Richard E Grant and Sally Hawkins, comedy trio The Penny Dreadfuls will attempt to tell the epic story of the Revolution in one hour, with jokes.|The play's two main characters are Maximilien Robespierre the dictatorial architect of the Reign of Terror, who sent thousands to their death and Marie-Therese, the 16 year old daughter of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.|Marie-Therese was incarcerated for three years by the revolutionaries.|When she was locked up her father, mother, aunt and little brother were also with her.|After the execution of her father the rest of the family were moved to another part of the tower and Marie-Therese was kept in solitary confinement.|It is recorded that Robespierre visited Marie-Therese at one point in the tower but there is no historical record of that conversation.|This play is that conversation.|Revolution is written by comedy trio The Penny Dreadfuls, Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck, all successful in their own rights as solo performers and all taking their own shows to Edinburgh this year.|Last year they wrote an Afternoon Play for Radio about Guy Fawkes and they have previously had two series of The Brothers Faversham broadcast on Radio 7.|Richard E Grant - Robespierre,|Sally Hawkins - Therese|David Reed, Humphrey Ker, Thom Tuck and Margaret Cabourn-Smith will play all other roles in the show.|Producer - Julia McKenzie.|Comic play about the French Revolution starring Richard E Grant and The Penny Dreadfuls.