The Peggers And The Creelers


01Salt Sea Strawberries19970917

A three-part drama by Catherine Czerkawska.

1: `Salt Sea Strawberries'.

The year is 1905.

The fishermen of the Ayrshire village of Dunure - the Creelers - sell their harvest in the nearby village of Maybole, the home and workplace of the bootmakers, or Peggers.

There is little love lost between the neighbouring communities.

02The Water19970924

A three-part drama by Catherine Czerkawska.

2: `The Water's Wide'.

It is now 1906.

Sarah has married Johnnie and left her Dunure home.

Installed in her own house in Maybole, she is happier than ever before.

There are rumours of the failure of the Maybole boot industry, but Johnnie is a skilled man and the future seems secure for him and his young wife.

With Sybil Wintrope, Sheila Donald and Joey Cooper.

Director Hamish Wilson.

03 LASTThe World's Ill Divided19971001

It is 1913 and some time since Johnnie went to Canada, leaving Sarah to look after their daughter and to help out with Annie's education.

  • director hamish wilson
  • the years have passed, but johnnie is not forgotten
  • with.... sybil wintrope, carolyn bonnyman and sheila donald