Pedalling To Freedom

.Lawrence Pollard examines five episodes in the social history of the bicycle.



Lawrence Pollard gets on his bike and discovers the part that the bicycle played in women's liberation as he re-traces the route of the novel, The Golf Lunatic and His Cycling Wife.

The book, by Mrs Edward Kennard, isn't well known now, but was a best-seller at the end of the 19th century was very popular with 'new women'.


Lawrence Pollard gets on his bike and tells the story of The Clarion Cycling Club, who tried to bring socialism to Britain in seven years. That was over 100 years ago, and even though they never suceeded, the club is still going strong today.


A look at how Thomas Hiram Holding, founder of the Cyclists' Touring Club, changed the character of holidaymaking.


Lawrence Pollard gets on his bike and re-traces the route of H.G. Wells' cycling novel The Wheels Of Chance, and discovers how the bicycle was a time machine.

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How the bike revolutionised the novel.