Paul Anka - Original Teen Idol



Paul Anka takes us through his extraordinary career, starting with the rat-pack era.

Nicknamed "the kid" by Frank Sinatra, he was a regular, though junior, member of this elite group of singers.

And it was for Sinatra that Paul penned mega-hit My Way, one of the most covered songs ever.

Only 15 when he shot to fame with the release of one of his signature tunes Diana, a teen idol was born.

His movie-idol good looks and golden voice soon attracted a huge, largely female and frenzied following and he was the Justin Bieber of his time.

As well as performing his own tunes, he's written huge hits such as She's a Lady for Tom Jones; It Doesn't Matter Anymore which Buddy Holly recorded just before his death; and collaborated with Michael Jackson on This Is It.

The original teen idol reflects on his exciting career, the extraordinary people and terrific music.

The life of Paul Anka from his rat-pack years to collaborating with Michael Jackson.