Pattern Of Tudors, A

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700524]1: Hampton Court by JOHN MORTIMER|The first of four dramatised documentaries about Tudor England tells the story of Cardinal Wolsey who built Hampton Court and Henry VIII who took it from him. with Michael Bryant and Michael Hordern Lute played by ROBERT SPENCER|Produced by NESTA PAIN|The second programme in this series is Elizabeth's Admiral by Alison Plowden. It is an account of the events of the two years after the death of Henry VIII in 1547 leading to the execution of the Lord High Admiral, Thomas Seymour.


Unknown: John Mortimer|Unknown: Henry Viii|Unknown: Michael Bryant|Unknown: Michael Hordern|Played By: Robert Spencer|Unknown: Alison Plowden.|Unknown: Thomas Seymour.|Henry VIll: Michael Bryant|Cardinal Wolsey: Michael Hordern|Katherine of Aragon: Irene Prador|Builders: Anthony Hall|Builders: Nigel Anthony|Venetian Ambassador: Noel Howlett|Cavendish: Allan McClelland|Skelton: Henry Stamper|Anne Boleyn: Penelope Lee|Lord Percy: Henry Stamper|Duke of Suffolk: Preston Lockwood|Master Kingston: Nigel Anthony|Master Seymour: Wilfred Babbage|Thomas Cromwell: Ian Thompson|Jane Seymour: Beth Boyd|Smeaton: Anthony Hall|Ladies of the Court.: Carole Boyd|Ladies of the Court.: Barbara Mitchell|Ladies of the Court.: Betty Huntley-Wright
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700607]3: Chance or Villainy|An account of the events surrounding the mysterious death of Amy Robsart in 1560 compiled from contemporary sources by ALISON PLOWDEN|During the first two vears of Queen Elizabeth's reign her obvious partiality for Lord Robert Dudley , her Master of the Horse, gave rise to much concern and speculation. When Lord Roberts wife was found dead at the foot of a flight of stairs it seemed that a serious crisis might ensue.|With BETTY HUNTLEY-W RIGHT|NOEL HOWLETT , ARTHUR LAWRENCE MICHAEL MCCLAIN|HUMPHREY MORTON|BRIAN POYSER AUSTIN TREVOR|Produced bv JOE BURROUGHS


Unknown: Amy Robsart|Unknown: Lord Robert Dudley|Unknown: Betty Huntley-W Right|Unknown: Noel Howlett|Unknown: Arthur Lawrence|Unknown: Michael McClain|Unknown: Humphrey Morton|Unknown: Brian Poyser|Unknown: Austin Trevor|Unknown: Joe Burroughs|Count de Feria: Preston Lockwood|Queen Elizabeth: Patricia Leventon|Bishop deQuadra: Alan Wheatley|Amy: Jane Wenham|Robert Dudley: Frank Duncan|Thomas Blount: Henry Stamper|Nicholas Throckmorton: Patrick Barr|Narrator: Richard Hurndall
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700614]4: The Great Enterprise An account of the preparation and defeat of Philip of Spain's Armada: compiled from contemporary sources by ALISON PLOWDEN|Produced by JOE BURROUGHS


Unknown: Alison Plowden|Produced By: Joe Burroughs|Narrator: Richard Hurnðall|Bernardino de Mendoza: Rolf Lefebvre|Philip II: Roger Delgado|Sir Francis Drake: Frank Duncan|Lord Charles Howard: John Glen|The Duke of Medina Sidonia: David March|Sir Roger Williams: Haydn Jones|The Duke of Parma: Victor Lucas|Sir William Winter: Denys Hawthorne|Sir John Hawkins: Lockwood West