Pattern Of Tudors 2 - Elizabeth's Admiral, A

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700531]Compiled from contemporary sources by ALISON PLOWDEN|An account of the events which took place during the two years immediately following the death of Henry VIII in 1547 - events which led to the execution of the Lord High Admiral Thomas Seymour and came near to seriously compromising the future of the 15-year-old Princess Elizabeth, later to become Queen.|Principal characters:|Other parts played by ALAN DUDLEY , BETTY HARDY|FRANK HENDERSON , RONALD HERDMAN ANTHONY JACKSON. VICTOR LUCAS CAROL MARSH , JOHN PULLEN and RALPH TRUMAN|Produced by JOE BURROUGHS


Unknown: Henry Viii|Unknown: Thomas Seymour|Played By: Alan Dudley|Played By: Betty Hardy|Unknown: Frank Henderson|Unknown: Ronald Herdman|Unknown: Anthony Jackson.|Unknown: Victor Lucas|Unknown: Carol Marsh|Unknown: John Pullen|Unknown: Ralph Truman|Produced By: Joe Burroughs|Thomas Seymour: Haydn Jones|Katherine Parr: Elizabeth Villiers|Princess Elizabeth: Susan Maudslay|Katherine Ashley: Marjorie Westbury|Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset: John Justin|Edward VI: Jean England|Thomas Parry: Basil Jones|Robert Tyrwhit: David March|Narrator: Richard Hurndall