Pat And Margaret



Pat and Margaret

by Victoria Wood

adapted for radio by John Foley

"When you deal with me, Claire, think icon."

Pat is the glamorous face of an American soap opera; Margaret, a waitress in a motorway cafe in Lancashire.

Sisters who've not seen each other for 27 years.

Brought together in the glare of a popular TV show, they have no choice but to seem thrilled.

But a darker past lies behind their reunion.

Pat - Tracy-Ann Oberman

Margaret - Sarah Lancashire

Maeve - Imelda Staunton

Claire - Claire Skinner

Jim - Andrew Dunn

Jim's Mum - Thelma Barlow

Vera - Rachel Davies

Billy - Danny Webb

Nosey Neighbour - Lynda Baron

Stella - Joanna Monro

Bella - Sally Orrock

Martin - Philip Lowrie

Daisy - Deeivya Meir

Driver - Adeel Akhtar

Hotel Manager - Sam Dale

Floor Assistant - Iain Batchelor

Director: Marion Nancarrow

"I'm glamorous, attractive, I have enough sexual charisma to open a factory.

She's fat, Northern, working class - of course she wants to be my sister."

Victoria Wood's bitter-sweet comedy has its first radio airing on Christmas Day.

In the 50th anniversary year of "Coronation Street" the production sees a number of its former stars re-united - Sarah Lancashire (who played Racquel), Thelma Barlow (Mavis), Andrew Dunn (Roger Stiles) and Philip Lowrie (who played Elsie Tanner's son).

Imelda Staunton (star of Vera Drake) is the Irish talk-show host and Claire Skinner (from Outnumbered) the earnest assistant, Claire.

Lynda Baron (Open All Hours) plays a cameo role of the nosy neighbour, Rachel Davies (Boon) is Mum and Danny Webb (Alien 3) the reporter, Billy.

Victoria Wood's bitter-sweet comedy about two sisters reluctantly reunited on a TV show.