Passionate Minds



The story of the love affair of the Enlightenment between the famous French man of letters, Voltaire, and Emilie du Chatelet - a noble woman who gave up her life at the sparkling Court of Versailles to live with him at the remote Chateau de Cirey.


Emilie du Chatelet has just met Voltaire, France's most famous poet, and they have fallen deeply in love.

At last Emilie has found someone with whom she can share her passion for Newton, whilst Voltaire is inspired to add a new section to his influential 'letters from England'.


Fleeing from the court at Versailles, Voltaire has moved to the crumbling Chateau de Cirey and begun to renovate it.

When Emilie joins him, they establish an unconventional lifestyle that allows Emilie the intellectual freedom of which she has always dreamed.


Voltaire has decided to enter the prestigious annual prize competition run by the academy of sciences.

But as he flounders with his expensive equipment, unknown to him, Emilie is working on her own submission late at night in her rooms.

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On their return to Paris, Emilie and Voltaire discover they have become the most sought after couple in the capital.

The fame of their work at Cirey has spread and news of their unconventional lifestyle intrigues leading thinkers of the day.

But Emilie's success in the science competition has undermined Voltaire's confidence.