Passionate Involvement Bertrand Russell And The 20th Century, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700414]Presented bv The Rt Hon Sir Edward Boyle , mp|Bertrand Russell-was involved in all the great issues of his time. He opposed the First World War. He supported the emancipation of women and advocated sexual freedom. He was an early opponent of communism and fought fascism. His last years were increasingly devoted to warning the world of the dangers of nuclear war. What did Russell achieve? What use is his advice today? Speakers include: MICHAEL FOOT , MP|PROFESSOR CHARLES WILSON DR GEORGE STEINER|PROFESSOR JOHN REX|PROFESSOR BERNARD WILLIAMS PROFESSOR DONALD MACKINNON|DORA RUSSELL , CONRAD RUSSELL and s of Bertrand Russell|Research bv NIGEL WILLIAMS Produced by JACK AMOS|(In Michael Foot 's view: p 12)


Unknown: Sir Edward Boyle|Unknown: Bertrand Russell-Was|Unknown: Michael Foot|Unknown: Professor Charles Wilson|Unknown: Dr George Steiner|Unknown: Professor John Rex|Unknown: Professor Bernard Williams|Unknown: Professor Donald MacKinnon|Unknown: Dora Russell|Unknown: Conrad Russell|Produced By: Jack Amos