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By the time the Passionate Game goes on air on Sunday 14 October 2012, the 16 teams to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) 2013 will be known.

Africa's premier football event will be staged in South Africa in January and February 2013.

The programme will be anchored by Farayi Mungazi, at the home of one of South Africa's former national players in Johannesburg – Mark Williams scored his country's winning goal in the 1996 final, when South Africa returned to the competition for the first time since the end of apartheid.

The Passionate Game will bring together players, pundits and fans from across Africa, with reporters in Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Ivory Coast.

We will look at the teams in the race; we will ask whether CAN 2013 compares in any way with the most recent international football tournament staged in South Africa, the 2010 Football World Cup.

Is the quality of football the same? Will the stadiums be full? Will fans be just as passionate? What about the risk of football hooliganism, as recently highlighted by the South African authorities themselves? Are players torn between their loyalty to their clubs and their loyalty to their countries? Do they perform with the same hunger?

We will start running social media activities on Twitter and Facebook earlier in the week and reflect the fans conversations right across the programme.

To close the show we will showcase the teams to watch out for and the current and future African stars to follow.

(Image: A boy kicks a football Credit: Getty)

In The Passionate Game, Farayi Mungazi looks at African football and the Africa Cup of Nations.