The Pariah Profession


0101After Climbie20031023

In the first of three documentaries about social workers Jenny Cuffe reports from the LONDON borough of Haringey on the struggle to prevent a repeat of the murder of Victoria Climbie. How thankless is the task of keeping children safe?

0102In Two Minds20031030

Should David, who is psychotic with a history of violence, be let out of hospital? Are Paul's housing problems the result of drug abuse or mental illness? And what really happened to Dean's cat - did it fall or was it pushed? Jenny Cuffe follows Mark Drummond, a social worker with SHEFFIELD Care Trust, as he makes judgements likes these on a daily basis.

0103 LASTChildren, Schools And Families Workers20031106

A look at Hertfordshire's Children, Schools and Families (CSF) workers - a new breed in a county which has done away with social services.

Jenny Cuffe follows Chris Hall, a CSF worker, as she helps vulnerable pupils in a large comprehensive school.

Is this to be the blue print for the future?