Pants On Fire

Martin Plimmer discovers the truth about lies.


01Little Liars20030721

Are we born liars? Why do children lie so enthusiastically? Can the brain reveal the secrets of our lying ways?

02Tangled Webs And Tap-dancing Dogs20030722

Today, how lies wriggle their way into every corner of our lives. Unravelling the lies of politicians, and the secret of why Bill Clinton was such an unconvincing liar.

03Signs Of Lies2003072320040406

How everything we say and do betrays our lies.

Body language and micro expressions we can't control.

And can psychological magician Derren Brown spot Martin's lies?

04On My Baby's Eyes20030724

How do police and fraud investigators detect our lies? Martin is not good at spotting lies, but not worse, it turns out, than the average policeman.

05 LASTThe Age Of The Machine20030725

How machines may one day be able to detect our every lie, and the shortcomings of a world of cold truth.