Pain Of Fame, The

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01Gail Porter20140807
01Gail Porter2014080720140808 (RS)Celebrity Gail Porter speaks to Clare English about the pressures of living her life under the media's spotlight. In the 1990s Gail shot to fame as a television presenter appearing on shows such as Fully Booked and Top of the Pops but her popularity reached dizzy heights in 1999 when an image of her naked body was projected onto the houses of parliament as part of a PR stunt for lad's mag FHM.|With the highs of celebrity life also come the lows and Gail has certainly had plenty. In 2005 Gail began suffering from Alopecia. Not only had she had been through a painful divorce, suffered post-natal depression and bi-polar disorder but now she was losing her signature blonde locks; all whilst under the media's glare. Presenter Clare English will take us through Gail's journey and ask her the question, 'is being a celebrity really worth the pain of fame?'.
03Chick Young20140821
03Chick Young2014082120140824 (RS)Sports commentator and football pundit Chick Young talks about his rise to fame.
03Chick Young20140821
03Chick Young2014082120140822 (RS)Sports commentator and football pundit Chick Young talks to Clare English about his rise to fame and the effect his notoriety has had on his personal life. He also speaks about his character and trademark laugh, about regularly appearing on Only An Excuse and how his celebrity status has enabled him to hang out with some of the biggest names in show business.