Ovid Metamorphosed

Five short stories this week celebrating the poet Ovid, from a new anthology edited by Phillip Terry.


01Hick Hack Hock20000410

written and abridged by Roger Moss, read by Sean Barrett.

02The Elysium Lifestyle Mansions20000411

by Margaret Atwood, read by Maureen Lipman. Sibyl, prophetess and millionaire proprietor of a Californian retirement home recalls the perils of asking a god for immortality.

03Heart's Wings20000412

by Gabriel Josipovici, read by Stephen Thorne. The story of Ceyx and Alcyone, whose mortal love was reborn with their transformation into two birds.

04The Shell Game20000413

by Ken Smith, read by Paul Bhattacharjee. A haunting evocation of a holiday in Venice.

05 LASTAntiquity's Lust20000414

by M J Fitzgerald, read by Fiona Shaw. Lust and revenge destroy a family and bring about a metamorphosis.