Out Of Tune

Robert Sandall investigates different tuning systems.

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20100913 (BBC7)
Robert Sandall investigates different tuning systems.Bells appeal, yet we hate other dissonant sounds.|Robert Sandall discovers the differences in musical tuning around the world.|Western music generally divides an octave into twelve equal parts.|Other musical traditions, however, use larger or smaller divisions between notes.|Robert asks composers and musicians why different systems have involved around the world.|Some believe 'equal temperament' limits musical expressions, but without it would music be out of tune?
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20100914 (BBC7)
A piano 'detuner', composing 'clouds' - and using microtones for dramatic effect.|Robert Sandall investigates musical tuning.|Although western music has adopted a system that divides an octave into twelve equal parts, other cultures have developed different tuning systems.|Robert talks to Japanese and Middle Eastern musicians who argue that the use of microtones gives their music greater expressive power.|What happens when different musical cultures are brought together, and how well equipped are we physiologically to distinguish between minute variations in pitch?