Out Of The Blue

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AD0120130924A cabal inside the UK's police force conspires to undermine the government. Starring Anthony Howell, Philip Jackson and Lesley Manville.|When East Midlands police superintendent Laurie Creed (Anthony Howell) is approached by a right wing MP and a couple of police chiefs he wonders about their agenda. Talk turns to politics and anger at the current government's cuts. It's time for action, they say.|Set in contemporary Britain, Michael Eaton's fictional drama imagines that a rogue element in the Association of Chief Police Officers is meddling in politics. Producer David Morley says the Andrew Lansley "Plebgate" affair was the inspiration for the drama. "When a Cabinet Minister was forced to resign, despite denying any wrongdoing, on allegations backed up only by the verbal evidence of a few policemen, it made me wonder what the UK's police could do if they really were politically motivated."|Writer: Michael Eaton|Producer: David Morley|Director: Dirk Maggs|A Perfectly Normal production for BBC Radio 4.
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