Out Of The Blue



A cabal inside the UK's police force conspires to undermine the government. Starring Anthony Howell, Philip Jackson and Lesley Manville.

When East Midlands police superintendent Laurie Creed (Anthony Howell) is approached by a right wing MP and a couple of police chiefs he wonders about their agenda. Talk turns to politics and anger at the current government's cuts. It's time for action, they say.

Set in contemporary Britain, Michael Eaton's fictional drama imagines that a rogue element in the Association of Chief Police Officers is meddling in politics. Producer David Morley says the Andrew Lansley "Plebgate" affair was the inspiration for the drama. "When a Cabinet Minister was forced to resign, despite denying any wrongdoing, on allegations backed up only by the verbal evidence of a few policemen, it made me wonder what the UK's police could do if they really were politically motivated."

Writer: Michael Eaton

Producer: David Morley

Director: Dirk Maggs

A Perfectly Normal production for BBC Radio 4.

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