Out Of Africa, The Giraffes Go To Hamburg

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05 LAST20110429By Karen Blixen.|Dramatised by Judith Adams|Episode 5: The Giraffes Go to Hamburg|Soon after Karen Blixen relocates to East Africa, she finds herself alone in a foreign land with the enormous responsibility of trying to operate a successful coffee plantation.|In order to accomplish this, she must get to know the land and the East Africans who work for and with her.|In the process, she learns more about herself.|As Karen faces her greatest fear - the necessity of departure from Africa - the grasshoppers come and seal her fate.|And there is still worse to come.|Karen Blixen - Emma Fielding|Denys Finch-Hatton - Tom Goodman-Hill|Kamante - Beru Tessema|Farah - Maynard Eziashi|Bror - Sam Dale|Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane.|As Karen faces the necessity of leaving Africa, the grasshoppers come and seal her fate.