Our Food, Our Future

Tom Heap examines the global food crisis and its impact on Britain.


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Not long ago, we were sitting on top of a butter mountain and surrounded by groaning grain silos. Suddenly, wheat prices are soaring and the rising cost of food is noticeably beginning to hit family budgets. Is this simply an transient blip or the beginning of a dramatic change in the way we view food and the way we eat?


We are radically changing the way we shop, cook and eat as food prices rise. However, this is not necessarily all bad news.

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For years British farmers have been encouraged and paid to look after the environment. But as grain prices soar, some farmers have decided to squeeze as much food out of their land as they can and leave the wildlife to fend for itself. In a time of food shortages, do we have a moral obligation to increase our contribution to global production, even to the detriment of British wildlife?

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He asks what role technology can play in solving the problem. Can science provide the answers to food shortages, rising demand, drought and climate change and are scientists looking in the right places for solutions?
Dutch scientists are experimenting with creating meat from pigs' stem cells, while their UK counterparts complain of underfunding.