The Other Medicine

eries exploring the impact of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in Britain - a phenomena that now boasts forty thousand therapists and twenty million visits every year.



Why Is Cam So Popular?


Anna Ford looks at how scientists are trying to find out which therapies are effective and hears from practitioners and patients who don't believe clinical trials are the answer.


Anna Ford finds out what progress has been made to understand the mechanisms behind complementary and alternative medicines. Are they all working through the placebo effect or is it something more specific? And if they work, does it really matter how?


What constitutes harm, how does one assess risk and is orthodox medicine really any safer?


There are nearly 40,000 healers and therapists practicing some form of complementary and alternative medicine in the UK.

In the penultimate programme in the series, Anna Ford asks should all of these practitioners be regulated and if so, how?

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In the last of the series, Anna Ford explores the arguments for and against the integration of complementary medicine into the NHS. Is there enough evidence to justify paying for therapies on the NHS? And what could happen to those that join the mainstream and those that are left out in the cold?