Oscar Sings



As we head for the culmination of the award season with the Oscars on Sunday 26th February, presenter and Radio Times film critic Andrew Collins explores how the award for 'Best Song' has developed and reflects a changing music and film landscape in Oscar Sings.

Director Alan Parker (in the programme) makes films that use music to great effect as can be heard in 'Midnight Express', 'Evita' and 'Bugsy Malone'. He scored 'Best Song' Oscar for 'Fame' and he believes that the Academy needs to do rethink its approach to the award.

In the programme we hear from Oscar winners and composers Leslie Bricusse and Al Kasha. Bricusse explains the song writing process and reveals how he approaches writing for film. His Oscar winning song 'Talk To The Animals' for 'Dr.Dolittle' was no fluke.

Composer Al Kasha (also featured) is a rare individual having won the Best Oscar song twice! Both his Oscars as we discover sit on the piano and Al believes that when you write for a film it must be integral to the "spirit or philosophy of the film".

But what about writing for a major franchise like a Bond film or a Disney movie. Genesis drummer and composer Phil Collins (also featured) scored a 'Best Song Oscar' for his song 'You'll Be In My Heart' for the Disney cartoon - Tarzan. Collins explains how working for the Disney studio scared him and made him raise his game.

Oscar Sings! features film and music folk who have scored 6 Best Song Oscars between them they give a different perspective on the Academy Award for the tune you hum as you leave your popcorn and sweet wrappers scattered on the cinema floor.

Producer: John Sugar

A Sugar Production for BBC Radio 4.

Andrew Collins explores how the award for Best Song reflects a changing film landscape.