Oroonoko [dramatised By Olwen Wymark]

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19900824Producer: A.|HINDELL|Next in series: DRAMA ON 3|Description|Aphra BEHN's novella based on her experiences in 17th century Surinam, tells the story of an African prince betrayed into slavery.|Dramatised by Olwen WYMARK & produced by Alison HINDELL.|Music by Colin SELL.|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|24 Aug 1990 21:45-23:00 (RADIO 3)|15 Mar 1992 19:30-20:45 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Ian Lindsay (Actor)|Sue Jones-Davies (Actor)|Nicholas Gilbrook (Actor)|Leo Wringer (Actor)|Maynard Eziashi (Actor)|Pamela Jikiemi (Actor)|Olwen Wymark (adap)|Aphra Behn (Author)|Colin Sell (mus)|Alison Hindell (Producer)|Recorded on 1990-07-17|Producer: HINDELL, Alison|SBH:OROONOKO: The autobiographical novella by Aphra Behn, dramatised by Olwen Wymark.|In 17th century Surinam an African Prince is betrayed into slavery.|With Sue Jones-Davies as Aphra Behn and Leo Wringer as Oroonoko.|Percussion: Perry Montague-Mason.|Violin: Alan Grahame.|Produced by Alison Hindell.|OTN:SLN029/89DA6328 TXN/TDT:R3 24-Aug-1990 ANT:Op & Cl|24 Aug 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 3)|Elizabeth Kelly (Actor)|Christopher Good (Actor)|Tara Dominick (Actor)|Louis Mahoney (Actor)|Jeillo Edwards (Actor)|Sidney Cole (Actor)|Colin Sell (Composer)|Perry Montague-Mason (perc)|Alan Grahame (vln)|Notes: CAIRS 506086