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A Thing Inside A Thing Inside A Thing20150611


Discover five new voices over five dramas

Joy is 89 years old and has spent most of her life living and working on the Mechanism, a giant machine that floats in the shadow of Pluto, mincing up and recycling all the debris from history. Joy's only company is Lana, but the two women can't stand each other. The monotony of their daily grind is disrupted when they discover a giant space craft with a sleeping crew of thousands, hurtling towards the grinding teeth of the Mechanism.

Only one person can save the universe: an 89 year old woman with a bad attitude and a dark sense of humour.

Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales Production

The Writer

Iain AJ Ross had his first play performed when he was 17, and went on to study Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. He was a finalist in the BBC Writer's Prize competition in 2013, and co-wrote and performed a stage show at the Edinburgh Fringe last year. He now splits his time between writing radio, TV and film scripts, and playing in an electro-indie band.


Original British Dramatists: Discover five new voices over five Dramas

doyouwishtocontinue by Christine Entwisle

Winner of the 2014 BBC Writer's Prize.

A deliciously comic drama about a 40-something woman at the end of her tether who finds a resolution in the most unlikely of places.

The BBC Writer's Prize was established to create a unique opportunity for new and established writers who want to write for Radio Drama. The response was extraordinary, with nearly 800 original scripts submitted to BBC writers room for consideration.

The judges said: "Christine Entwisle has managed to write a play about a severely depressed woman at the end of her tether that is moving, sharp and very very funny. Debra hates the world, hates people, in fact seems to hate everything apart from animals, and yet, as in all the best plays the unexpected happens and when it happens the results are unexpected."

Christine Entwisle has worked in theatre as a director, writer and actress for twenty five years. On winning she said "I cannot believe I have won the BBC Writer's Prize. I am shocked and utterly delighted. I am so grateful that people have taken the time to read my work, and that they have seen enough potential in it to support me. Which gives me all the hope I need to carry on writing."

Directed by Kirsty Williams.


Original British Dramatists : Discover five new voices over five Dramas.

A comedy in which a shy man seemingly magically gains confidence but becomes dangerously enthralled by the visceral power of public speaking.

Directed by Liz Webb

This is the 2nd full length radio play by Andrew Viner after "When I Lived in Peru" (R4). He has written a comedy book VENN THAT TUNE, articles for the Guardian, for various radio comedies including THAT MITCHELL AND WEBB SOUND (R4), PARSONS AND NAYLOR (R2) and WEEKENDING (R4) , for Aardman's REX THE RUNT and extensively for children, including: FIREMAN SAM, THOMAS AND FRIENDS, and TIMMY TIME.

The Sod20150610

Original British Dramatists : Discover five new voices over five Dramas

Vashti MacLachlan's drama about the impact of Multiple Sclerosis on a young couple.

Sarah and Tom have just taken on an allotment. For Sarah cultivating vegetables is the answer to life's ills. Her partner Tom has Multiple Sclerosis and it is progressing fast. While Tom tries to open Sarah's eyes to the bleak reality of his worsening MS, Sarah does all she can to keep things growing, including their love.

'The Sod' is an unsentimental earthy love story written by a writer new to radio with first-hand experience of Sarah's predicament.

With songs performed by BBC North Staff Choir

Directed by Nadia Molinari.