Opinion: Mary Robinson

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Programme Catalogue - Details: THE CANDLE IN THE WINDOW19950914|Producer: G. WILLIAMS|Description|The Irish nation, with its people spread across the world, is a model for a new kind of community for the next century, based more on people and identities than on blood and soil. President Mary ROBINSON argues the case.|Subject Categories|ireland|irish (race)|documentaries (programme format)|discussion programmes (programme format)|Broadcast history|14 Sep 1995 09:30-10:00 (RADIO 4)|31 Mar 1996 BT=1930 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|Mary Robinson|Gwyneth Williams (Producer)|Kate O'Shea (rdr)|Seamus Heaney (Speaker)|Peter Sutherland (Speaker)|Roy Foster (Speaker)|Amartya Sen (Speaker)|Charlie Jones (Speaker)|Johnson Mcmaster (Speaker)|Jackie Redpath (Speaker)|Amatyra Sen (Speaker)|Stephanie Whiston (Speaker)|Margaret de Burca (Speaker)|Joan Twomey (Speaker)|Recorded on 1995-09-10