The Only Way Is Up




Simon Cox charts the sometimes the painful challenges of recovery through the struggles of three organisations; a school, a company and a football team, as they fight back and try to haul themselves away from the bottom. What's it like working on a day-to-day basis at the bottom of the league amid increasing pressure to improve performance? How do they do it? The programme highlights the fight and attempts to overcome difficult circumstances and paints a vivid picture those who work in these organisations.

It hears from staff, pupils and Governors at Llanwern High School, until recently, branded as the worst performing school in Wales. What effect do bad results have on the morale of pupils, parents and staff? It charts the struggle of those who are putting everything into keeping an old family department store afloat. Will a major shop re-fit and Christmas sales save Wildings? Or is it past it's sell by date? And the programme follows the ups and downs of Newport County as it begins life back in the professional football league after 25 years.

Producer: Jim Frank.