Only In London

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WH01A Tin Box With Wings *20050321As a flight from Dubai touches down in LONDON, three people from different corners of the Arab world are thrown together: beautiful, lost Lamis; the lively Moroccan Amira, and her new friend Samir, who, like her, loves not wisely but too well.
  • alison....helen schlesinger
  • amira....Shappi Khorsandi
  • bt employee 1....nick maloney
  • bt employee 2....nina wadia
  • driver....nick maloney
  • khalid....daryl moore
  • lamis's father....nadim sawalha
  • lamis's mother....nina wadia
  • lamis....suzanna nour
  • man at reception....nick maloney
  • nicholas....tom beard
  • nicholas?s father....John Rowe
  • pilot....nick maloney
  • samir....Nitzan Sharron
  • secretary....nina wadia
  • by.... - hanan al-shaykh
  • directed by.... - deborah paige
  • dramatised by.... - shelley silas
  • WH02The Kiss *20050322Lamis has settled in LONDON and met someone who makes her heart beat faster.|She has made a few resolutions too: one of them is to perfect her ENGLISH.
    WH03Paper Rings *20050323Lamis has been busy; improving her ENGLISH and falling in love with Nicholas.
    WH04Fathers And Daughters *20050324Lamis misses her son Khalid, and begins to establish a new relationship with him and to think again about family life.
    WH05 LASTThe Bt Tower20050325Lamis has said goodbye to Nicholas, and faces a lonely future, but she's still resolved to achieve her biggest challenge: to reach the top of LONDON's BT Tower.