Oneclick - Retro

Radio 1 has one of the most enviable archives in the world, and this show will showcase those unforgettable moments from the last 38 years.


1977 - Sex Pistols20041229

punk challenged everything in the 1970, and the Sex Pistols, Steve Jones, Paul Cook, Glenn Matlock and front man Johnny Rotten were the figureheads for this fleeting movement where music and fashion collided.

Led by manager Malcolm McLaren, and dressed by future design queen Vivienne Westwood, the group's gigs became synonymous with violence which reached a peak during the 100 Club's punk Rock Festival when a girl was blinded in a glass-smashing incident.

More trouble followed when an expletive heavy appearance on the Bill Grundy TV show caused outrage in the tabloids.

And with the group's tour decimated, their debut single "Anarchy In The UK" was banned from high street shops, barely scraping into the charts.

Soon after they were dropped by EMI in a blaze of publicity and by February 1977 Glenn Matlock had been replaced by Sid Vicious.

The Pistols then signed a contract outside of Buckingham Palace with label A&M, only for it to be cancelled a week later.

Finally Virgin records released 'God Save The Queen'.

The single ripped into the heart of middle England at a time when the country was celebrating the Queen's jubilee.

And despite being banned from daytime radio it got to number 2 in the charts, sparking violence towards members of the group by fervent royalists.

This amazing interview by John Tobler was recorded for a show called Rock On in 1977, with John and Sid promoting their number one album Never Mind The Bollocks - Here's The Sex Pistols.

It was less than a year later that Sid's girlfriend Nancy Spungen was found stabbed in his hotel room and he was charged with murder.

While released on bail he suffered a fatal heroin overdose and died in February 1979.

He was 21.

1980 David Bowie In New York20041227

We go back to the beginning of the 1980's to hear the legend that is David Bowie.

In a career spanning four decades, The Thin White Duke, as he was labelled by the music industry, influenced the course of pop music by reinventing himself several times over, always ahead of his time and his contemporaries.

In the process he influenced several generations of musicians

A struggling artist through the 60's, Bowie had to wait until 1969 and the release of his song 'Space Oddity' to gain any success.

Major Tom, whose trip into space disorientates him so much that he chooses to remain adrift, rather than return to Earth, was released at the time of the moon-landing.

Further use of it by the BBC helped it become a top 5 hit.

However, the two albums which followed 'Space Oddity' failed to produce another hit single and most critics dismissed him as a one hit wonder.

In 1972 he made his comeback with Ziggy Stardust, a concept album about a space-age rock star, and by the mid 70's he had changed tack again with the release of 'Young Americans', a 'plastic soul' record, as he described it.

Bowie also appeared in his first major film, The Man Who Fell To Earth.

With a skeletal frame, due to his increased drug use, and miss-matched eyes he looked the part of an alien.

When his drug problem heightened he fled to Berlin where he changed musical direction, yet again, and recorded an electronic trilogy with Brian Eno, they became three of the most influential albums of all time - Low, Heroes and Lodger.

Bowie finally kicked his drug habit as the 70's drew to a close and recorded the album many of his fans consider his best, 'Scary Monsters'.

And as the 80's began he took to the stage to play the Elephant Man on Broadway.

Ozzy Osbourne - 198620041231

We go back to the 29th of March 1986 to hear the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne.

There isn't much we don't know about Ozzy's life, thanks to fly-on-the-wall reality show 'The Osbournes' and constant newspaper coverage of his so-called dysfunctional family.

And then there's the stuff of rock legend - Ozzy's mad life of excess, the bat biting incident, the court cases, and the duet with, er, Miss Piggy on the Muppet show.

But one thing's for certain, every heavy metal band on the planet owes their dues to the doom-laden blues of Ozzy's group Black Sabbath.

They were the originals, the architects of a genre.

The classic Radio 1 series 'My Top 10' was hosted by DJ legend Andy Peebles and in this show the man with more than nine lives picks his favourite tunes.

As always with Ozzy, there are a few surprises along the way.


Archive music programme in which guests select their highlights from periods in the past.

This week Michael Jackson and George Harrison review records from 1979.

021990 Brits20040802

Tonight we remember the bearded glory of DLT and The Radio One Roadshow in Colwyn Bay.

09Andy Peebles Interview Of John Lennon2004092020041230

Tuesday 21st of September marks the UN's International Day of Peace and we kick off a week of Oneclick shows dedicated to 'keeping the peace' with a very, very special interview, as we go back to the 6th of December 1980 to hear DJ Andy Peebles talking to John Lennon and Yoko Ono in New York.

It was the first time in five years that John had agreed to face a radio microphone and what was expected to be a half hour chat about his and Yoko's latest album, Double Fantasy, turned into a magical and candid discussion about his life and work.

John talks about the Beatles break-up, his first meeting with Yoko, peace protests, feminism, heroin, drink, music-making, as well as his feelings for the past and his hopes for the future.

From their bed-ins in Amsterdam and Montreal, to their innocent flirting with political activists and radicals, everything John and Yoko did received massive media attention, and in the process ignited the idea of world peace.

What makes this interview even more poignant is that 48 hours later John was shot dead by disturbed fan Mark Chapman outside his home at the Dakota building, near Central Park.

Andy Peebles was on his way back to London, with the tapes of the interview on his lap, as he was told the tragic news mid-flight.

101992: Classic Albums - The Hounds Of Love20040927

Series airing unforgettable moments from the Radio 1 archive.

13 LASTDuran Duran2004101820041228

The last 'Oneclick / retro' is all about big tunes, big hair and big shoulder pads as we go back to 1983 to go Down Under with Duran Duran.

Aided by the emergence of the pop video, Duran Duran's fame was global, even Princess Diana was a self-confessed 'Duranie'.

Dominating the charts of the 80's these New Romantic boys proved that they were more than just pretty faces...

and Nick Rhodes.

But despite such success they decided to venture into other projects such as Power station and Arcadia in 1985, with it nearly being all over, quite literally, for Simon Le Bon who escaped death in a yachting accident in 1986.

The band regrouped, minus Roger and Andy Taylor, to record 'Notorious', later to be sampled by Puff Daddy and Biggy Smalls.

Although the title track was a big hit the band had by now lost many of their original fans and follow-up singles failed to break the top 20.

However, renewed interest in Duran Duran came about in 1993 when 'Ordinary World' became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

But unlike the bitter splits of many bands, Simon, Nick, John, Andy and Roger stayed good friends and got back together in June 2001.

Their comeback has seen a string of sold-out dates world-wide.

They've toured with Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake presented them with an outstanding contribution to music award at the Brits, and then there was the presentation of a lifetime Achievement award at the Q awards.

And to prove that the wild old boys are back they've just released a new album 'Astronaut' with the release of their first single 'Reach Up For The Sunrise' entering the UK top 5, their biggest hit in 19 years.

In this show the Duran boys are quizzed by Radio 1 DJ du jour Peter Powell.

And fact fans might like to note that the Stephen Duffy mentioned is indeed the same Stephen Duffy who has collaborated with Robbie Williams on his latest single 'Radio'.