One Way Or Another

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Programme Catalogue - Details: 18 June 199119910618Producer: G.|DEARMAN|Description|Dramatisation by Frederick BRADNUM of Leonard SCIASCIA's novel.|Why does the Zafer Hermitage cater for 'special guests' and what are the real reasons for the 'spiritual exercises' under the direction of the enigmatic Don Gaetano?|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|18 Jun 1991 21:10-22:30 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Brian Miller (Actor)|Timothy Bateson (Actor)|Ronald Herdman (Actor)|Andrew Wincott (Actor)|John Moffatt (Actor)|Richard Pearce (Actor)|Mark Straker (Actor)|John Rye (Actor)|Michael Turner (Actor)|Andrew Branch (Actor)|Brett Usher (Actor)|James Greene (Actor)|Godfrey Kenton (Actor)|Malcolm Sinclair (Actor)|Timothy Carlton (Actor)|Daniel Massey (Actor)|Malcolm Gerard (Actor)|Frederick Bradnum (adap)|Leonard Sciascia (Author)|Glyn Dearman (Producer)|Recorded on 1991-02-18.