One Thousand Days, One Thousand Nights

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20031006by Nandita Ghose.|Scheherazade and Dinarzade are sisters, named after the famed story tellers of A Thousand and One Nights.|Like their namesakes, they love old stories and tell them to each other by candle light.|The family are torn apart by the 1979 revolution in Iran.|They don't meet again for twenty-five years, but when they do meet, their only way of communicating is through the old Persian fables.|Scheherazade....Souad Faress Dinarzade....Bharti Patel Young Scheherazade....Rina Mahoney Young Dinarzade....Natalia Keery-Fisher Jyoti....Hema Mangoo Mark....Andrew Greenough John Bryson....Alexander Delamere Father....Nasser Memarzia Mother....Adlyn Ross Directed by Jenny Stephens