One-string Fiddler Paganini, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700121]1782-1840|A sorcerer. He will dwell in our heart until it ceases to move. The wish to hear me again will always remain in those who have heard me. How many Paganinis do they think there are in the worldt|A radio portrait compiled from contemporary and other sources and written by JOANNA RICHARDSON|With JOHN RICHMOND|WILFRID CARTER , LEONARD FENTON CHARLES SIMON ,GUY DU MONCEAU|KERRY FRANCIS , and SONIA FRASER Produced by DAVID DAVIS


Written By: Joanna Richardson|Unknown: John Richmond|Unknown: Wilfrid Carter|Unknown: Leonard Fenton|Unknown: Charles Simon|Unknown: Guy du Monceau|Unknown: Kerry Francis|Unknown: Sonia Fraser|Produced By: David Davis|Paganini: Robert Rietty