One Man's Medicine

In this series, we'll be looking at why the medicines we take don't always work the way they're supposed to.


0101One Man's Medicine Could Be Another Woman's Poison20030806

In this first programme, we uncover the startling differences between how men's and women's bodies deal with medications - women come out of anaesthesia quicker than men, they react better to some painkillers, and even common drugs like antihistamines and antibiotics cause different reactions and side effects in women and men.

In fact, women's response to a whole host of medicines varies from that of men.

Yet, their involvement in drug trials is minimal.

Vivienne Parry explores why one man's medicine could be another woman's poison.

0102Mind The Gap20030813

Medicines used by children that haven't been tested on them, drugs taken by older people that have only been tested on the fit and the young, and prescribing for ethnic minorities who have been largely ignored by conventional medical trials.

In the second in the series, Vivienne Parry assesses the impact that excluding specific groups from medicines' research has on their health.

0103 LASTMade To Measure Prescriptions20030820

Vivienne Parry asks whether medicine in the future will consist of unique personal prescriptions based on readings of our individual genes.