One Man's Justice

By Akira Yoshimura.

Read by Nicholas Farrell.

Produced by Lu Kemp.



By Akira Yoshimura.

Read by Nicholas Farrell.

Produced by Lu Kemp.Japan, Spring 1946.

The Potsdam Agreement, which was signed the previous August, bought the war to an end and humiliation and economic depression to Japan.

Having received a cryptic message from an ex-colleague, Takuya Kiyohara is compelled to return to his former headquarters to receive instructions.


Takuya Kiyohara is on the run from Allied authorities.

Though aware of his perilous situation Takuya returns to his family home, for what must be the last time, in order destroy all evidence of his existence.


Takuya recalls interrogating captured American airmen the previous summer.

One of the American's had revealed that they found the best way to relax was to listen to jazz on their return from bombing campaigns.


Takuya is forced to go on the run as Allied authorities now know of his involvement in the execution of an American airman.

He heads toward Osaka to beg refuge from his Uncle.


In a country on the verge of starvation, encroaching on the hospitality of friends and family is becoming increasingly difficult.

Taken in by an old university acquaintance, Takuya determines to find work, despite the danger, rather than depend on the grace of others.


Having found work at a matchbox factory Takuya is settling into his life as a labourer.

But when he catches a fellow demobilised soldier stealing from the workshop he finds himself the centre of unwanted attention.


Takuya finds himself accused of stealing matches.

While outraged by the accusation, Takuya is concerned that the police will discover his true identity.


Takuya's closeness to his boss Teresawa and their mutual regard is becoming a problem.


The end has come.

Takuya awaits trial for war crimes.

The superiors - whom Takuya previously regarded as honourable men - are frightened and are lying to save their own lives.

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Finally imprisoned Takuya finds his feelings about his past crimes and his loyalty to his country changing.

When he finally walks free he must choose, once again, where his destiny now lies.