One Hot Summer



by Juliet Gilkes - Romero

Liverpool 1919. In desperate times, with high poverty levels and spiralling unemployment, tensions are rising between the different ethnic groups in the city, and for Jamaican soldiers Johnson and Charlie and their mixed-race British friend, Sam, life is getting harder.

Based on real events, One Hot Summer tells the story of the race riots which occurred in Liverpool in 1919, when desperate times caused divisions across ethnic lines which exploded into full-blown riots.

The forgotten piece of British history dramatised in this play has been carefully researched by playwright and journalist Juliet Gilkes-Romero and includes verbatim newspaper reports from the time.


Sam....Lloyd Thomas

Johnson....Ben Bennett

Ibrahim....Don Gilet

Charlie....Richie Campbell

Rose.... Susie Riddell

Ahmed....George Long

Liverpool Courier/ Rioter....Patrick Brennan

Liverpool Echo/ Drunk....Joe Sims

Evening Express/ Barman....Robert Blythe

Drunk/ Rioter....Harry Livingstone

Directed by Mary Peate.

By Juliet Gilkes-Romero. Drama based on the Liverpool race riots of 1919.