One Day In Winter: Driving Home For Christmas



Each year nearly 15 and a half million people travel home for the festive period. This year Radio 4 joins a few of them in their way home for Christmas.

Long journeys, short journeys, each trip is for a reason and each trip will trigger a multitude of emotions.

This programme will capture those feelings: from the excitement of Christmas that never seems to leave us, the feeling of relief of making it to a safe haven after a difficult year, the feeling of uncertainty and fear of how Christmas will play out, the feeling of stress from the actual journey. Tension levels increase depending on the weather and traffic conditions and the kids in the back of the car gradually getting more and more bored, chiming 'Are we nearly there yet?' every five minutes.

The great Christmas getaway is always wildly anticipated but often fraught and highly stressful: are all the kids in the car, is the snow going to come, will we get caught on a jam?

Driving Home For Christmas will capture those feelings and emotions as travellers make their journeys home.Producer: Martin Poyntz-Roberts.