One Country To The Tune Of Another

Huw Edwards uncovers the hidden historical and political messages behind an unlikely musical partnership.


0101Vienna And The Turk20050315

Why did the likes of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven all mimic the music of their former Turkish enemy? And were they exhibiting a new European harmony, or something much less dignified?

0102Vive L'espagne!20050322

Think of Spain in the concert hall or opera house, and the music is most likely to be by a Frenchman.

Huw explores the political and historical messages behind this most vibrant of musical exchanges and reveals what it was that so captivated the composers of Bolero, Carmen and España.

0103 LASTRussia And The Steppe20050329

Huw Edwards traces Russia's complex relationship with its Eastern fringe through oriental echoes in the music of its great composers.