One Corpse Too Many


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Play By: Ellis Peters

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With England at civil war in 1138, the medieval monk has a murder on his hands.

Ellis Peters' mystery stars Glyn Houston.

A Brother Cadfael mystery by Ellis Peters, set in England, 1138.

Cadfael has a murder on his hands.

A Brother Cadfael mystery by Ellis Peters.

England, 1138.

Producer: G.


Broadcast history

10 Mar 1990 19:45-21:15 (RADIO 4)

12 Mar 1990 15:02-16:30 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1989-08-22.

By: Ellis Peters

Starring: Glyn Houston/Jane Slavin/Richard Tate.

Producer: JONES, Gerry


SBH:ONE CORPSE TOO MANY: A Brother Cadfael mystery by Ellis Peters.

Dramatised by Alan Downer.

Civil war.

Among the bodies of those accused of treason, lies one that was not executed.

With Glyn Houston and Jane Slavin.

Produced by Gerry Jones.

OTN:SLN934/88DA4061 TXN/TDT:R4 10-Mar-1990 ANT:Op and Cl

10 Mar 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Geoffrey Whitehead (Actor)

Brian Miller (Actor)

John Moffatt (Actor)

Richard Tate (Actor)

Paul Downing (Actor)

Joan Walker (Actor)

Ian Targett (Actor)

David Goudge (Actor)

Ken Cumberlidge (Actor)

Dilys Laye (Actor)

Glyn Houston (Actor)

Jane Slavin (Actor)

Alan Downer (adap)

Ellis Peters (Author)

Gerry Jones (Producer)

Notes: CAIRS 481471.